What John Sanchez does is not just about helping you understand your eating habits or how you feel about food. We did talk about what I eat, and he also helped me delve deeper into myself to look at what I really want in life. He was so present and intuitive the entire time asking me questions at just the right moment to help me see a different way of looking at things I have been struggling with. I really appreciate the time and energy he spent and definitely recommend him to anyone needing guidance about how food is affecting them or even just their life struggles.
Kathy Stewart

Through good fortune I was able to receive counsel
from John Sanchez. I was settling out from more than a year of
extreme stress in which my son had been in and out of hospitals
and psychiatric hospitals. He almost died twice in this period
and for the first time I had become a stress eater.
In our session I found immediate compassion and an
honoring of my strength and gifts. John works in what some
could consider the shamanic realm, yet is direct in his
approach and the in the questions he asks to help you gain a better
understanding of your internal workings. John has since worked with my son and the voices that once controlled his life are now understood. He has truly shape shifted from being anxiety driven to a having a peace and calm that has changed his life. He has steadily improved and is happier. I would recommend John Sanchez for counseling under any circumstance.
Amy Trussell

In one session my 20 year stressful relationship with my wife has dissolved into understanding how to be there for my self and my kids. Through John’s guidance I was awakened to my own happiness regardless of how others are reacting. In the second session, we worked on my ridiculous eating habits that came from twenty years of stress. John gave me doable strategies with food that I actually like. Besides being incredible happier, my body is returning to a shape that is matching the way I feel.

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