Relationship as a path

We are using relationships to awaken and be who we are. Relationship as a path gives us knowledge and wisdom to see that relationships are a powerful tool pointing us to greater self-knowledge and self-mastery. I use relationships as a guide to help you see where you have the opportunity to transform yourself, your life, and your connection with others.  Using relationships to see and experience what triggers you when you are with your partner, friends, business relationships, kids, and parents enables you to see a place within yourself that can heal and grow.  If you are truly committed to moving beyond blame and reactivity, and into a state of taking full responsibility, then you are ready to heal and transform your life.

What we all truly want is to be authentic in all our relationships. Authenticity is when you’re leaving no part of you unturned and you’re not masking the Truest you. You are allowing the Truest you to be experienced by others without needing to hide any part of you. This is what I strive for in my life and what I am committed helping you journey through in yours.