What is your biggest fear or frustration in relationship with yourself?

If you are normal person, you have experienced some form of pain in relationship:

♦ Being or feeling alone

♦ Not belonging

♦ Betrayal

♦ Feeling rejected

♦ Feeling abandoned

♦ Being physically, emotionally, sexually or verbally abused

♦ Being shamed, bullied or humiliated

♦ Any and all challenges associated with our sexuality

♦ Lack of connection

♦ Lack of depth

♦ Lack of “real” friendships

♦ Longing to be seen and known

Whatever struggle that you are dealing with I will listen and help you understand that you are doing the best you can with the tools that you have. Transforming your pain and struggle into a new, stronger more confident you is what will happen in our work together.  I’m into getting results, and I’m certain things can be different for you.
One of my most favorite things on the planet is to help you see, and change, your old relationship patterns, so you can have the love you desire.

My main job is to help transform your relationship pain into love. It is also my job to help you have deeper relationships and feel more trusting, and connected to yourself, to others and to Life.

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