Whats up with emotional eating

Whats up with emotionally eat?

We first must realize that their is nothing that we do that is not emotional. We love, we laugh, we cry, we morn,we are up then we are down. Eating is an emotional experience. We love food, but for some of us that love for food has turned into a battle. When we eat we get anxious, we eat what doesn’t taste great because someone else says is good for us, we are eating on the run, we suppress the amount of food that our bodies want, and for some of us we can’t stop thinking about food. Food then becomes a stressor in our lives. Or simply labeled as a fuel source to get through the day. Instead of food being a nourishing experience that our mind and body can relax and receive pleasure from.
The experience of emotional eating often feels out of control. It’s as if the body takes over to meets its emotional needs. Sometimes our lack of love in a certain areas of our lives get nourished and filled up through emotional eating.
Often we are emotional eating to stuff our feelings because we are bored with our life, in a career we can not stand, or in a stressful relationship. The good news is that emotional eating has little to do with food. It’s about better understanding our own beliefs around food and being able to be with our emotions in a nonjudgmental way.
There are two ways we can emotionally eat. One is being present and receiving the feelings that the food can give us. By being present with our bodies when we emotionally eat we will metabolize and digest the food that we ate with great efficiency. Also we will eat half the amount of food because we were present and received what we were looking for the food to give us emotionally. The second way to emotionally eat is being in our heads and having the self talk of shame and guilt. This self talk will not allow our bodies to fill up on the emotional energy that our body was looking to receive. Instead we will eat twice as much because we are not present. And beating ourselves up while we emotionally eat will increases the amount of stress chemistry in our bodies. This stress chemistry elevates the hormones cortisol and insulin in our bodies which will decrease our metabolism and tell our bodies to store the food as fat,especially around our waist and hips.
So the best tips for emotional eating are staying present with our bodies while doing it and getting as much pleasure out of the food that we possible can. This will relax the body and help keep us out of our minds that usually lead us to unconscious emotional eating.
Emotional eating is often whispering to us that we need to take better care of ourselves. We often put our family, friends, job and whatever is on our to-do-list before even checking in to feel what’s the best way of doing these things without abandoning ourselves. Sometimes a healthy “NO I am not able to do that tenth thing on my list today”is the type of self love that will keep us from stressing out and saying “the hell with it” and eating the whole cake. Being ok with only doing what we can and not push ourselves to the point of exhaustion in the need to be a super galactic women or man is often the first step off the emotional eating rollacoaster.

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