As an eating Psychology coach my job is to help you get where you want to go with your relationship with

  • Food so that is is not a punishing struggle and battle that consumes most of your thoughts and energy. I will help you transform your relationship with food into a nourishing and pleasure filled experience.
  • Body image that is not filled with judgement, shame, and self attack. But one that is accepting, embodied, and powerful.
  • Your emotions. I will help you understand why you are feeling the way you do around your relationship with yourself, partner, kids, friends, work, money, and sex. Once you understand that there is a good reason why you are having an emotional struggle in these areas then you have the opportunity to transform them. And this is where I am an absolute magician and genius. Because you will be able to do it without willpower.

          If you are looking to have a transformative experience in any area of your life and breakthrough any self sabotaging patterns that are holding you back. Then working with me will be the best investment in yourself that you can make. Because I promise to create a supportive non judgmental space that will make it easy for you to transform any area of your life. I bring tremendous experience, value, and a positive approach that is results oriented!

        I do this work because it is who I am and what I love to do. I have passion, personal experience, and the trained professional skill level to help you get where you want to go in these other areas as well.

Autoimmune conditions
Lack of energy
Chronic fatigue
Weight loss
Self judgement
Disordered eating

Self discovery is a beautiful process of unconditionally accepting and loving yourself in the most difficult of times. I am here to help guide you through this process with ease and efficiency.